BAFTA Boys Return
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BAFTA Boys Return

We are delighted to say that 14c has been nominated for two Scottish BAFTA New Talent Awards. The nominations are in the Editing (for Doug King) and Cinematography (for John Young) categories and are both for our short film ‘Let’s Go Swimming’.

Doug also directed the short and made it in close collaboration with Josie Long. The film was shot in April of last year and we are currently sending it out to festivals around the world.

Josie and Doug also wrote another short – ‘Romance and Adventure’ – which we crowdfunded and raised over £10,000 for the production. By far our biggest budget yet and a long way from our previous budgets of 56p! The short was filmed in November last year and is currently in post-production.

With ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ touring the festival circuit, and another short on the way, Doug and Josie are currently writing and developing a feature film, which we are planning to shoot in 2014.

‘Let’s Go Swimming’ features Darren Osborne, who was nominated the last time we were in the competition in 2010 for his acting performance in our short ‘A Good Mate’ (which we made in our flat for 56p).

Click here to view full awards listings.

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