casting call

Casting Call

We are looking for actors to play in our short film Romance & Adventure. It stars Josie Long and is our follow up to Let’s Go Swimming which we filmed earlier this year.

Please find character descriptions below and get in touch if you are interested.

We will be having auditions on the 24/10 (this Wednesday, apologies for late notice) and they will be held in our studio.

casting call

NB. Filming will take place from 31/10 – 05/11 and although the parts below are only for one day’s filming, we have not confirmed the date as yet.



Thanks for your interest and we look forward to receiving your cv’s/photies. Get in touch either through the ‘leave a reply’ at the bottom or send emails to

All parts are played in an elaborate house party scene.

Mikey’s fiancée- 25-30
Aggressively boring in the eyes of the main characters. Very conventional. She doesn’t like or trust Darren (one of main characters), and doesn’t understand why he won’t grow up.
Ideally would have long blonde, straightened hair, nails, fake tan, all of the


magic glamorous stuff the main characters don’t understand.

Clean shaven, clean cut, straight down the line guy who would prefer an easy life. He and Darren were best friends but he doesn’t feel like they relate to one another anymore- he’s half jealous, half embarrassed by his lifestyle.

Conventional guy who likes to go to the pub and has a job he feels tied to, also has a house and is engaged. Clean cut.

Sarah and Lisa
Formidable, slightly drunk, women whose boring partners are in the other room. Suspicious and intrigued by someone who doesn’t fit in to the rest of the party. Conventional and glamorous in a big spiked wedge heels and dresses like an exotic parrot way.

Glamorous Younger Girl
A really sweet, if a bit clueless younger person (20-23). Would consider herself very mature, sensitive and intelligent even though she probably is none of these things. Would call herself a girly girl.


  • Will McGibbon

    2012-10-20 at 14:11 Reply

    Hi there!

    Really interested in auditioning for the male roles! If you could send me some information for Wednesday I would appreciate it.

    Many thanks,

    Will McGibbon

  • Marie-Lisa Devine

    2012-10-20 at 21:52 Reply

    Hey, im interested in auditioning for Glamorous Younger Girl, but im not sure how to apply? this is quite embarrassing as this idiocy, seems to fit in well with the character!

  • Douglas

    2012-10-22 at 16:23 Reply

    Hi Will and Marie-Lisa, could you please get in touch at Thanks! Please send over any material such as photies and showreels if available. Thanks again for your interest in the roles.

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