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Do No Harm

OCD Heist Thriller | Glasgow, Scotland | 2020 | 15 min   -  Best UK Short Raindance 2020 nominated -  Aesthetica 2020 official

Sharleen Ah’m Shy

'Sharleen Ah'm Shy' is a Scots poem written by Janet Paisley. We worked with Scots Hoose to interpret the work


A comedy short made for BBC Scotland's Short Stuff.

Stories from Syria

We developed and delivered a series of storytelling & graphic design workshops that set out explore and visualise the unique

Reveal Party

A comedy short made for BBC Scotland's Short Stuff.

Super November

Josie Long stars in this rom-com turned fascist nightmare. 'Super November' is Drinking Buddies meets Children of Men in a

The Hunger Games

In a third project with Clydebank based youth charities Y-Sort-It and Fresh Creations, we mentored 46 young people in a

Romance and Adventure

Romance and Adventure

Comedy drama | Glasgow, Scotland | 2013 | 24 min   Comedy drama from award-winning comedian Josie Long about a young woman

Let's Go Swimming

Let’s Go Swimming

Comedy drama | Glasgow, Scotland | 2012 | 20 min   Comedy drama from award-winning comedian Josie Long about a young woman

Back Tae The Future

Back Tae The Future

A film by 71 young people people from West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to 1955 in

RD Shelter

RD Shelter

Everyone needs shelter. It's horrible to see so many people displaced around the world on the news and feel like

Forest Fires

Aberdeen based band Forest Fires asked us to create a music video for their latest single 'Born Screaming'.

Ghostbusters Clydebank


During the October week 14c mentored 36 young people in West Dunbartonshire to adapt and remake Ghostbusters. We established a

Müller-Wiseman Dairies

Working on a tight deadline, we produced a promotional video for Muller Wiseman Dairies. The passion the MWD team has

Glasgow Slow Down

  Glaswegian artist Jacqueline Donachie brought her 'Slow Down' environmental art to Glasgow for lead up to the Commonwealth Games. Her

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