Romance and Adventure


Our follow up to short film Let’s Go Swimming is another collaboration with our favourite pal, Josie Long. Romance & Adventure was crowdfunded for over £10,000 in a matter of weeks and before we knew it, cast and crew were meeting for breakfast on day one of shooting. It was an exhausting 6 days, but a lot of fun.


The film was taken on tour by 14c’s Doug and Josie across the UK, visiting 25 cinemas. We had sell out screenings in London and Newcastle, eventually selling over 1,700 tickets for our short films! Unheard of in the industry and certainly justified the leap of faith Picturehouse Cinemas had in putting the tour together. (Roughly 10 of the 25 cinemas were independents).


It has been shown in Colombia (Bogota Short Film Festival), Berlin (British Shorts), Glasgow and London Short Film festivals.

Self Initiated Project

Collaboration with Josie Long. Crowd Funded on Sponsume.